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Frosty Winter Stickers

Frosty Winter Stickers

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It's quick and easy ! Here's how to do it:

1 - Nail preparation

Start by removing any existing nail polish.
Use a nail file to shape your nails into the desired shape.
Apply rubbing alcohol to clean your nails and remove excess oil

2 - Choice of stickers

Select the appropriate size for each nail. If necessary, adjust the size using a pair of scissors.

3 - Application of stickers

Carefully remove the sticker from its backing using tweezers or your fingers.
Apply the sticker to the nail, starting at the base and smoothing it towards the tip of the nail. Avoid air bubbles by pressing firmly

4 - Adjustments

If the sticker protrudes from the tip of the nail, use a nail file to trim it to the desired length.

5 - Finishing

Use a cuticle pusher stick to smooth the sticker and ensure optimal adhesion.

For added longevity, you can apply a clear varnish over the stickers.

Additional Tips

Avoid wetting your hands for a few hours after application to allow for better adhesion.

Avoid activities that could damage the stickers, such as gardening or cleaning, immediately after application.

Follow these steps carefully, and your nails should last a long time while looking great!

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